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MD Wins at Watsons Annual HWB Awards 2011

July 2011: Melbourne Drugs Pte Ltd received recognition from the No. 1 Personal Care Retailer in Singapore, A.S. Watsons, with a triple win in the latter’s Annual Health, Wellness and Beauty (HWB) Awards 2011.

HWB 2011 Cert

The categories in which Melbourne Drugs won were:

  • Best-Selling Organic Haircare for the brand Organix (
  • Best-Selling Organic Eye Serum for the brand Bod (
  • Best-Selling Natural Moisturising Hand Cream for the brand Herbacin (

The win affirms Melbourne Drugs commitment to marketing excellence and brand development, and a reflection of the company’s goal of constantly adding value to our principals’ brands, which are among some of the world’s best in beauty, skincare, and personal care.