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MD Awarded “Distributor of the Year 2012″ by Vogue International

10th Dec 2012

Melbourne Drugs Pte Ltd is honoured to receive the “Distributor of the Year 2012 - Asia Pacific Region” award from Vogue International, for outstanding distributorship of Organix in Singapore. Organix, a Vogue International brand, is one of the fastest growing Top 10 haircare brand within the FDC channels in North America (source: A.C. Nielsen), and has seen strong growth in the Asia Pacific region, with important contributions from various markets such as Australia, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and more recently China.

DOTY2012 Citation

In choosing Singapore to receive this coveted award, Vogue International affirms the many milestones, achievements, and awards that Melbourne Drugs Pte Ltd have accumulated over the past year, transforming Organix into the standard bearer of masstige, salon-quality retail haircare brands.

Today, Organix enjoys wide distribution in Singapore, backed by a robust marketing campaign pillared by innovative social media engagement, coordinated public relations management, and differentiated product merchandising.

The following is the citation by Vogue International on Melbourne Drugs Pte Ltd’s award for “Distributor of the Year 2012 - Asia Pacific Region”: