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1st Jul 2010: Introducing - L’Action Cosmetique: the answer to all our vanity and beauty woes. Hailing from Paris, the beauty brand has got all your beauty fixes under one roof. From ridding eye bags, to inducing luminous fair skin, to even nail treatment. L’action Cosmetique’s strength lies in providing fast, effective and accessible beauty solutions in a convenient format. In addition to the brand’s practical approach to beauty problems, all L’action Cosmetique products are dermatologically tested, providing safety and assurance for its users.

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Nomad Range For EYES
The L’action Cosmetique nomad range for the eyes includes products that will care, brighten and add a sparkle to your eyes. The Eyelash Treatment for instance, infused with Vitamin B5 and E will strengthen, moisturize and lengthen your eyelashes - perfect for those with weather-beaten lashes. For all the late nights and poor rest, help comes in the form of the Eye Bag Minimizer; a must-have for tired and puffy eyes, the miracle cream contains ingredients like green tea extracts and gingko biloba, soothing and tightening your skin. The L’action Cosmetique Dark Circle Concealer works like camouflage - blending in perfectly with your complexion and concealing discolourations.

Nomad Range For FACE
The L’action Cosmetique nomad range for the face includes products that beautify your face. The L’action Cosmetique Face Hair Block rids unwanted and unnecessary facial hair growth, giving you one less worry and insecurity to deal with. The Scar Reducing Oil, is exactly as its merck propecia name suggest - reducing scars on the face. Rich in amino acids which actively produces new tissues, the oil effectively reduces small scars, making your skin smoother and clearer.

Nomad Range For NAILS
For perfectly shaped and healthy looking nails, the L’action Cosmetique nomad range for nails includes products that are fuss-free and easy to use; giving you the option of saving money from visiting your manicurist for nail treatment. The L’action Cosmetique Nail Treatment acts as a shield for weak, brittle nails; with its unique formula, your nails will become more tough, healthy and moisturized. The Nail Contour Repairer is also another option for weak nails. This repairer acts as a healing device, repairing small cuts around the nails and hardening them to prevent further chipping.

Nomad Range For LIPS
The L’action Cosmetique nomad range for the lips includes products that smoothen out your lips and nourish it with the necessary vitamin to restore it to its natural healthy colour. The ‘Retinol lip stick’ for instance, is infused with Vitamin A, designed to reduced wrinkles on and around the lips. Through the breakthrough microencapsulation technology, the retinol (vitamin A) in the lipstick is gradually released into the lips, increasing the skin’s natural collagen production. Another product from L’action Cosmetique’s lip treatment is the ‘Anti-wrinkle lip contour gel’, a gel that contains lifting agents to firm and moisturize your lips to produce a lip- plumping effect.

Bye Bye Range (Semi-Permanent Solutions)
Unique to the French beauty brand is their distinctive Bye Bye range which contains products that pile on convenience for its user with its strong and long-lasting products. One such product is the Bye Bye Grey Mascara, a semi-permanent mascara that is gentle on your eyelashes, natural looking and best of all - will last up to 2 weeks without running under water. The Bye Bye Grey Mascara, available in shades of dark brown and black is the perfect solution for the busy fashionista in search of convenient eye make up. The Bye Bye Dark Circles is another semi-permanent beauty product - this magic stick helps to reduce dark circles under the eyes and the best part is - all you need is a one-time application and you can say bye bye to your dark circles for several days straight.