Herbacin® - Probably the Best Hand Cream Ever Made...

May 2010 - From the geographical heart of Germany comes a hand cream formula fondly touted by its locals as 'the best hand cream in the world'. Herbacin®, the hand cream brand renowned for its rich tradition and experience in the use of natural ingredients, was born from Germany's deep green forests and flowering meadows over 100 years ago. Today, it is arriving in Singapore to extend its healing touch to our hands.


About Herbacin: Tradition, History & Products

Distinguishing itself as a brand that delights in tradition and quality, Herbacin, from its humble beginnings in 1905, has won the favour of the locals and has since taken its place as a global leader in the popular field of natural cosmetics.

What differentiates Herbacin from all other hand cream brands is the quality benchmark it sets for itself. Cultivating its own plants and herbs as ingredients for its range of products, Herbacin today, continues to uphold its commitment to quality. By relying on home-grown natural ingredients and selecting only the highest quality plant extracts, Herbacin has come full circle in perfecting its signature hand cream formula.

Herbacin's original hand cream formula, the wuta® kamille Glycerine Hand Cream, embodies the very best of what Herbacin stands for: natural, caring and simplicity. On the exterior, it possesses a buttery smooth texture and releases an exquisitely light fragrance. Interiorly, it contains a triple combination of camomile, glycerine and silicon. Camomile heals and restores your hand's natural integrity, while glycerin adds moisture to keep your hands elastic and youthful, and lastly, silicon sheaths your hands like an 'invisible glove', protecting them from everyday environmental harm.

Herbacin In Singapore

Melbourne Drugs Pte Ltd, the exclusive marketer of Herbacin in Singapore, is bringing in an extensive range of Herbacin products that include Herbacin's signature hand cream collection. From regular hand care needs to coarse hands in need of intensive protection, each Herbacin hand cream product offers a specific treatment and contains the necessary ingredients to support and care for your hands.

Adding onto the distinctive hand cream products, the Herbacin range in Singapore will also consist of lip balms, body as well as facial skin care products that boast simple and natural ingredients in addition to handy packaging. Your one-stop wellness and beauty care regime is now a stone's throw away from you.

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