3rd Party Logistics (3PL)

Warehousing & Deliveries

We provide a spacious area to accommodate bulky storage, as well as industrial shelf racks to facilitate picking and packing of orders. We employ our own delivery team covering all forms of deliveries from individual store outlets to central warehouses right up to end consumers’ doorsteps.

Order Processing & Inventory Management

We provide administrative support to generate customised sales invoices for our clients who do not have in-house administrative capacity to process orders. Linked to an electronic inventory management system, our proprietary order management system ensures accurate stock movements and real-time stock reporting.

Repackaging, Importer’s Labelling and Shrink-Wrapping Services

We provide the material and manpower to repackage goods, sticker importer’s labels (with or without expiry/manufacture dates as required) as well as shrink-wrap products.

Heat Tunnel Machine for Shrink Wrapping
Repackaging Preparation

Merchandising and Services

We are adept in merchandising, with cosmetics and small items being a major component of the job scope. Our merchandisers coordinate closely with our delivery team to merchandise the delivered goods onto retail shelves within the shortest time frame after delivery is made, maximising sales turnover.

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